Quit Complaining

Many times in business you will see foolishness occur, even in your own enterprise. Opportunities that are clearly visible will be missed. Improper directions will be issued. Bad courses and strategies will be followed. It is your responsibility to bring them to management’s attention when you see them. When you do this, remember two things: Bring a good alternative or corrective action, and don’t complain.


Bringing solutions to topics and issues that you raise is seen as good leadership. Everyone can see a problem. A leader will take the initiative to bring the accompanying solution.


Complaining on the other hand is a pastime that almost everyone participates in at one time or another. However, complaining about topics, issues or directives, without proposing an accompanying solution to your complaint will make you appear ineffective as a leader. Complaining is a non-action oriented event, and a good business leader is action oriented.


If you can not find a suitable alternative or solution to an action that you find disagreeable, then say nothing. There probably wasn’t one to be found prior to the action being taken. Any other comments will be seen as complaining, and few people like a complainer.

3 thoughts on “Quit Complaining”

  1. Great advice! Your parting statement is especially insightful: if one can’t come up with a solution or better alternative, why would you expect those who took the original action to have done so?

  2. Well, what is usually behind these complainers is a bully trying to find a scapegoat. Sometimes the scapegoat is the person who devised this and the bully has to nitpick. Someone needs to put this bully in his place before complaining and drama even begin, IMO.

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